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One-of-a-kind, hand-built log cabins that grace any tabletop, mantle or centerpiece arrangement. These miniature homes inspire warmth and security just as they did when our forefathers used their ingenuity to shelter their families. Made entirely of distressed, natural wood and stone, each cabin is crafted with attention to the smallest detail. Every log is hand-hewn, squared notched and fitted, whether using a half dovetail, v- or saddle notch.


Red Cabin 'Red Round-Log Cabin'
Approximate size: 16"L X 15"W X 12"H
Accessories such as snowshoes, a bench, a canoe and paddle, etc. are added to all cabins to further embellish the illusion.


'Scandinavian Style Square Log Cabin'
Approximate size: 20"L X 15"W X 14"H. For added appeal, just light an incense cone and place it in the convenient sliding tray at the base of the chimney and watch the smoke rise to fill the air with the aroma of home long ago.
Big Cabin


Each log cabin is created as an original, hand crafted with strict attention to detail.
If you'd like to experience a miniature log cabin by AW Shadows, drop me an e-mail! Price: $250 - $500

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