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Anything you can imagine can become a barrel head carving. The bottom line...the carving will be created personally for you. Whether it's your family crest, a favorite varietal or even a 17th century painting, an exclusive custom designed and handcarved wine barrel head will instantly become a family heirloom!

All you have to do is send me an e-mail about what you have in mind. If you already know what you want and can provide me any reference material you have, I will produce a layout for you at no cost. I can use just about any kind of reference material to design a carving such as a photograph, label or a favorite piece of sculpture.

Not exactly sure what you want, but have an idea and know you want a barrel head carving? By using my design service, I can take your ideas and allow you vizualize them. With your input, a design is finalized and the pièce de résistance will be a deeply personal comment in the lasting beauty of wood. Either way, not a single woodchip flies before you've seen what it will look like and give me the approval to proceed. Below is an example of a layout next to the actual finished carving.

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