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Synopsis: Motivation

My Mother used to tell me as a toddler still in a stroller, all I ever wanted to do was be wheeled up to the trunk of a tree where I would sit and look up into it for hours. Could this have foretold a destiny? more...

Justification: What's in a name?

The act of woodcarving, in it's simplest form is the creation of shadows. AW are simply my initials and design is at the core of whatever I do.

Methodology: How it works.

The inspiration comes from you and is only limited by imagination. more...
Using a Zen-like process with only hand tools, each woodchip is removed revealing the wood's character. more...
The end result is an instant heirloom, a valued possession to be passed down through succeeding generations. more...

Appraisal: The costs of art.

Variables taken into consideration when pricing a work of art are based on the amount of time estimated to complete the work, an intangible value applied the talent of the artist and any associated costs in materials. more...

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