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Pracna Pracna On Main:
Exterior signage measuring approximately 24" wide by 48" high for a restaurant in a historic district of Minneapolis, Minnesota that actually had three restaurants in the building. The main floor of the building housed Pracna On Main, while Herman's 1890 was upstairs and a wine bar Grapes was in the basement.

AW Shadows also produced other directional signage for inside the building. A sign at the top of the stairs of the main floor directing customers to Grapes, was a carving of the logo with the inverted "A" as a wine glass that had an inset colored glass lit from behind. All restaurant logos were in existance before this project. AWS was required to reproduce the logos as they were.


Liquescent Liquescent Fruition:
Self-promotional piece produced for use above a wine cellar, bar or kitchen. Cherry wood panel with rounded letters. The horizontal bar between the words is gold-leafed. The grapes on the bottom are carved and painted using a lost art...encaustic painting.

Encausting painting was coloring with a melted, pigmented wax. In this case, melted crayons were used. When finished, a light application with a torch fuses all the colors and a soft patina results. Available

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Hand carved signage presents a quality that can't be duplicated by any mechanical means. Send me an e-mail with your signage needs and I'll be happy to put together a proposal. Price: Quoted upon request.

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