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Depending on content and complexity, the cost of a barrel head carving is variable, beginning at around $1,500 but is negotiable.


To complete a carving requires approximately 2 weeks, however can take as long as six months. Based on my schedule I'll usually ask for 4 - 6 weeks.

Design Service

There is no charge for layout if you already have an image and you can provide me with the reference material. If you require my design services, there is a $600 flat fee. With this you'll receive 2 -3 designs to choose from. If a carving is commissioned, I will refund $300 back to you on the final invoice.
To illustrate the range in pricing, below are examples of varying degrees of complexity.

Knob Creek has no images and would fall toward the lower end of the price range.

The Campbell Family Crest has text, gold leaf and silver leaf putting it into the medium category.

The A. Ramos Pinto carving is actually two carvings. Both are very involved images including intricate carving and color bringing this one into the high end.
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50% in advance, balance due upon completion prior to shipping. Shipping charges are additional. Barrel Head shipping weight is approximately 35lbs.

Event Demonstrations

For an exclusive attraction during your next winery event, have an onsite wine barrel carving demonstration. It fascinates guests, creates interest, makes them want to stay longer, taste more and buy more! Please contact me for costs and well in advance of your next event to schedule an appearance.

Barrel Styles

Bordeaux Burgundy Whiskey Cask (large)

Barrel Head Definition

Barrel Diagram Typically, that referred to as a 'Barrel Head Carving' will consist of approximately 6 to 8 inches of the barrel staves and 2 -3 hoops. Provisions are made in the back (inside) of the cut barrel for wall hanging. The approximate dimensions of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Whiskey/Bourbon barrel heads are listed below. (listing from left to right - Head Diameter - Diameter at base): *Please note, sizes are approximate

Bordeaux Barrel 23" - 24.25""
Burgundy Barrel 24" - 29"
Whiskey/Bourbon Barrel 22" - 23.5"

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