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Below are some of the items in my personal collection. The majority were done as experiments in new techniques or entirely new items. They are available for sale. If you're interested in any of them, e-mail me and we can negotiate a price.

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The CRS Curve Prototype


This guitar is only one of two prototypes made for patent application for the ergonomic 'curved body' design (illustration above). Not only is it rare for that reason, this one is a carved tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan. Serious inquiries only, please.
CRS Curve
...or 'the perils of getting into your work' describes this two level, self portrait barrel head carving. The concept being sometimes you can get so involved in your passion, you can actually get trapped in it.
bar In Vino Veritas Clock
This is a barrel head clock with copper grape vine and leaves encircling the carved words, 'In Vino Veritas' translated from Latin to 'In wine - truth'. The hands of the clock are carved in purpleheart.
Liquescent Fruition
Carved panel in cherry as the final liquid result of grapes in winemaking, 'Liquescent Fruition'. It has a gold leaf bar and along the bottom is a carved grape vine painted with colored wax (encaustic painting). This carving is for presentation in a kitchen or wine cellar.
bar Manzanita Hoop Manzanita Barrel Hoops
One of the by-products of carving wine barrel heads is a surplus collection of barrel hoops. Here they've been used as a circular frame for manzanita, madrone, pine and birch wood growing nearby. These trees grow and twist and curve in the most unusual and interesting shapes. The bark is smooth and the color is natural. A wire cobweb has been added to some. There are six available.
The Watchers The Watchers
These are characters carved in apple wood branches ranging in size from 14" to 18" tall. They are all attached as a set to rough, split blocks of oak.
bar Point Arena Point Arena
Miniature lighthouses on driftwood.
bar Candle Wine Glass Candle
Made from an inverted bell jar attached to a turned cherry wood base with copper grape leaves and vine. 5 1/2" diameter base by 9 1/2" tall.
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