SRV whole guitar The CRS Curve...Curved for your body, Carved for your senses. This concept guitar was designed ergonomically with the guitar body curved behind the bridge to keep pressure off the forearm. There were only two prototypes made for patent application. One prototype was sold in October, 1998.

Exclusively offered for sale...the second of only two prototype CRS Curves ever created!
This one is a hand carved tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan that truly makes it
SRV back bar SRV on stand bar This guitar is more than an's a work of art, but one that plays very well. Don't miss this opportunity!


Width - 13"
Length - 39.5"
Height (when laid on a flat surface) - 3.5"
Body Thickness - 1.5"
Weight - 8 lbs.

Natural wood finish - front
Blue pearl flake with lace pattern - back
Single Cut-Away Body
Bodywings - Cherry
Through-Body Neck - Hard Maple
Purpleheart Accent through neck
Fingerboard - Ebony
Scale Length - 24.5"
Frets - 22
Pickups - Two EMG Humbuckers, Bridge position active
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