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Occupy the idle times with handmade wooden amusements that challenge the mind, to a certain degree anyway.


Toy Toy Logging Truck: All wood toy logging truck mainly constructed of 1/4" oak with cherry wheels and walnut bumpers. A personalized license plate adds a touch of "ownership". Removable back tailgate provides access to ten tied logs in the bed. Plexiglass windshield, back window and side windows protect "little fingers" from getting caught.
The Bored Game: All wood handmade board game. (shown with cover off to the side that can beused, when turned over, for a dice rolling tray) The game is played on four sliding playing surfaces with three levels. For two or four players, the game includes drawing cards, dice and four playing pieces. Players move by rolling the dice and upon landing on marked squares draw a card and follow instructions such as: "You notice a toilet paper roll in the garbage. That makes number 1,000 for your collection, Go Back Two Spaces" or "You go grocery shopping. The wheel on your cart doesn't wobble, Take Another Turn". The object of the game is to move all twenty ones spaces and eliminate the everyday hum-drum. The game is conceived, developed and made by AW Shadows. The


There's always something new being designed and produced by AW Shadows.
Check back often for updates and what's new! Price: Quoted upon request.

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